In collaboration with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), Innov8tif is now officially a part of the 2023 exhibition held at the Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre (MEEC). 

This year-long participation shows Innov8tif’s expanding influence and presence over the wider ASEAN region. Furthermore, it sheds light on the landscape of local Malaysian Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent and technology, highlighting Malaysia as a digital talent hub for the region.

“Our aim at Innov8tif is to enable customers who are keen to explore ID authentication systems, an automated, easier and work-friendly solution. This removes the hassle of complicated processes that relate to digital security, so they can focus more on the important aspects of their businesses,” says Joe Seah, Innov8tif’s chief commercial officer.

Located on the second floor in Menara MATRADE, MEEC is a one-stop centre that showcases and promotes exclusively Malaysian products and services to potential foreign buyers, business visitors and overseas trade delegations to the public, as well as international traders and businesses alike. 

Covering a total of 500 Malaysian companies in 30 industries, MEEC not only provides companies with an international platform to display local achievements but also shares the necessary information and guidelines to endorse local businesses into the global market. 

Innov8tif has successfully conducted millions of ID authentication checks, thanks to the local talents that have created our ecosystem and development of our technology. Through our Customer ID Assurance (CIDA) framework, customers of different industries (i.e. telecommunication,  local authorities) are able to customize and scale based on the needs of their business models, creating a secure database that is integrated with an ID authentication system. 

At the Innov8tif booth, you are welcome to pick up a copy of our product brochures, which displays the contents of our services and how we can help to improve your business security and workflow. The booth will also include business cards for your convenience to arrange a meeting, or just to have a quick chat with us, on top of the meeting that can be scheduled through ezBizMatch, a meeting platform provided by MATRADE, for local businesses such as Innov8tif to connect with businesses across the globe.

MEEC is held from 1st January to 31st December 2023, so head on over to learn more about Innov8tif, or download our product brochure to get a glimpse of what innov8tif is able to offer for you and your business. 



Innov8tif is the market leader within the ID Assurance space across the ASEAN region. Our solutions are currently in use by banks, telecommunication companies, the financial sector, as well as local governments. We service companies both large and small, giving companies confidence that the users onboarded are genuine and legitimate.