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ID verification is more than just eKYC

Our goal is to help digital businesses establish a full-fledged Customer Identity Assurance (CIDA) ecosystem.


  • At the top, businesses interact with the portal access layer to manually approve/reject transactions, generate reports, and establish audit trails.
  • At the bottom, the data layer stores customer-identifiable data — such as biometric information, credit score information, and outputs from the digital footprint analysis.
  • In between are technologies used to conduct authentication, authorisation & assurance (3A).

CIDA ecosystem component diagram 

Portal Access Layer
Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
innov8tif main website graphic illustrating identity proofing


Identity Proofing

innov8tif main website graphic illustrating identity authentication

Identity Authentication

Identity Authentication

Customer ID Assurance Data Layer
innov8tif main website graphic illustrating identity proofing


Our solution verifies user identities, aimed at replacing traditional KYC processes during account sign-ups.

  • EMAS eKYC matches facial data from user-captured selfies and photo ID documents, ensuring both are the same person.
  • Built-in security measures prevent spoofing attempts — such as document tampering, photoshopped images, print/screen capture etc.
  • We also perform digital footprint analysis to verify users’ email addresses, phone numbers.
  • Profiles are matched against a biometric alert list, flagging blacklisted users who have a problematic onboarding history.


Legitimate users might not even be ideal customers.

We also perform customer due diligence by conducting background and financial risk checks — Credit scoring, bankruptcy status, criminal records, political links, and more.

If your business requires customers to submit proof of income or addresses (Tax statements, utility bills etc. ), we have you covered as well! 

Our optical character recognition (OCR) tools extracts relevant information and perform automated data entry — helping you save time and effort.

innov8tif main website graphic
innov8tif main website graphic


Large transactions require more than username and passwords.

Examples include loan applications, fund transfers, signing up for a package, and so on. At Innov8tif, we perform:

Device Binding / Blacklisting

  • Trusted devices require fewer authentication factors to perform transactions. On the other hand, devices that are known to be used in fraud activities will be flagged as well. 

Biometric Authentication

  • Customers can login and perform basic, low-risk transactions via facial recognition and/or thumbprint scans.

Our Identity authentication solution helps businesses  balance user convenience and account security — delivering a more streamlined customer experience.