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Low-Code Development

Innov8tif is Joget's Accredited Plus Partner & Certified Partner — One of the largest in ASEAN.

What is Joget?

Joget is an open source no / low-code application that enables organisations to easily build, deploy and manage enterprise applications. If A.I. technology is the brains behind our products, Joget is the muscle that powers the process automation and delivery.

Benefits of Low-Code Development

Faster Deployment

Low-code development reduces the amount of manual coding needed,
enabling clients to bring new products and services to market faster.

Better Frameworks

Without low-level coding, developers can now focus on high-value tasks,
such as rapid proptotyping, designing user interfaces and business logic.

Improved Collaboration

Clients can have more control and visibility over the development process
via features such as version control, commenting and real-time editing.

Flexibility & Versatility

Joget can be used for use-cases beyond just eKYC, allowing clients to scale their operations depending on unique business needs.


Your Local Process Automation Expert

Through Joget, solutions can be delivered in a more efficient, cost-effective and scalable way depending on the client’s business needs.

Innov8tif provides Joget services such as consulting, implementation, training and product support. Our In-house Joget experts have accumulated experience working on related projects since 2009.

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