EMAS Enterprise Mobility

EMAS is an integrated mobile platform that helps businesses to convert customer intents into sales.

EMAS Benefits

Widening Sales Funnel

EMAS gives the sales agent an opportunity to connect with a potential client within minutes. Sales representatives are also able to view sales leads, schedule follow-up actions and get reminder for scheduled events.

Speeding-Up Sales Processes without Paper

From presenting the sales proposition using the digital brochure and product recommender to signing a signature on a paperless mobile form, your customer can truly experience the speed and efficiency of a mobile office in its finest form.

Minimize Identity Fraud

EMAS supports photo ID capture to minimize fraudulent identity. All supporting documents given by potential customers will be automatically watermarked help protect your customer’s data privacy.

Ideal EMAS use cases by industry

Financial Services

EMAS enables financial services company to realize mobile sales teams, be it with internal sales teams, or external sales channels, while making sure that the sales processes and stringent customer dealing requirements are followed through and adhered to. In today’s competitive sales environment with complex customer needs, we are helping credit services company to easily expand sales partner network through the use of smart mobility technology. Besides, the debt collection teams can also be more efficiently deployed to customer’s location on ad hoc and on-demand basis, by embracing GPS services and real-time information synchronization.


Telecommunications industry is always an interesting ground for innovative ideas and business models to be realized. This industry involves huge pool of potential customers and target segments, it has high demands, and high transaction rate happening every day. Since year 2014, Innov8tif successfully implemented EMAS with redONE’s 10,000 sales agents to realize paperless registration platform, in a sales distribution network that is primarily mobile. Through integration with smartcard national ID reader, redONE sales advisors have been signing-up postpaid SIM customers paperless-ly, saving million pieces of paper annually.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

With EMAS, Joe – sales person of a FMCG company, launches the app on his smart tablet while having a chat with the store manager. Once the app opens, he quickly completes the sales order form with very minimal data entry, and without human error. The sales order is submitted instantly to Joe’s HQ office. At the same time, Joe performs a quick inventory-count on his visit. It is also part of Joe’s responsibility as a sales person to collect outstanding payment from his clients. With EMAS, the ageing report is available in real-time to assist his job function efficiently. The sales performance efficiency of Joe’s company is improved with EMAS. We have partnered with Asoft Digital to pre-integrate EMAS app with Asoft FMCG Distributor System.

EMAS Enterprise Mobility features

  • Mobile Sales Kit
  • Smart Proximity Sales Lead (Instant Request Matching)
  • Mobile Forms
  • ID Verification
  • e-Signature
  • Auto Generated PDF Contracts
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Device Integration
  • Analytics
  • Privacy and Security

Reduce the gap between your customer’s initial interest and decision making. Speed up your sales processes and convert a fresh lead into an immediate customer using EMASTM.

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