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Innov8tif Launched New Applications on Joget Marketplace using EMAS™ eKYC to Offer AI-based Identity Verification

By 6th May 2021January 27th, 2022No Comments

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6 May 2021 – Innov8tif Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (“Innov8tif”) has launched new applications on the Joget Marketplace to offer real-time and automated identity verification capabilities on Joget low-code/no-code ecosystem.

Operated by Joget, Inc., the Joget Marketplace enables customers, partners and third-party innovators to easily leverage new applications, plugins and solutions to address their digital transformation needs. The two new applications published by Innov8tif are EMAS™ eKYC and EMAS™ OkayFace Approval. 

EMAS™ eKYC is an application that demonstrates customer registration use cases using face biometric authentication technology to strengthen the identity assurance aspect of a customer onboarding process. The identity document text recognition and facial biometric verification features are embracing the extensibility aspect of Joget’s plugin architecture, and these tools are designed to work in any process built on Joget platform, to support e-KYC (electronic know-your-customer).

EMAS™ OkayFace Approval enhances approval workflow with facial biometric authentication capability to strengthen data control and achieve the nonrepudiation criteria required in a stringent approval process.

With the launch of these two applications on Joget Marketplace, Innov8tif aims to help businesses and Joget’s partnership network in reducing the time of go-to-market for identity verification related use cases.

“In the current landscape where a low-touch economy thrives and is expected to remain relevant in the long term, Innov8tif has been empowering many e-KYC processes with its suite of AI-based EMAS™ eKYC ID verification APIs to enable 24×7 and real-time customer onboarding under the purview of stringent regulatory requirements. Maturity in deep learning technology advancement has helped the RegTech industry to propel machine-assisted identity fraud management and customer due-diligence,” said George Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Innov8tif. 

George added that Joget plays a pivotal role in the decade-long journey of Innov8tif providing digitalization solutions in Southeast Asia. It is now timelier than ever for Innov8tif to further strengthen the partnership model with Joget, Inc. and Joget’s global partners through cross-technology collaboration.

“Joget Marketplace provides a wide range of enterprise applications for users to download or use as a template and customize to suit their business needs. This ranges from healthcare apps for contact tracing to educational apps for training evaluation and workflow management apps for a remote workforce. We are delighted to work with partners like Innov8tif to showcase their expertise in the digital identity space,” said Raveesh Dewan, Chief Executive Office of Joget, Inc. “We see the Joget Marketplace as the solution marketplace for our customers. Our goal is to bring forward not just the power of our platform but also the power of our community so that our customers can easily discover ready-made, configurable solutions.”  


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