Innov8tif Announces Strategic Organisational Reforms

Innov8tif Solutions has announced a comprehensive organisational restructuring program as it transitions to its new stage of growth, dubbed Innov8tif 2.0. The plan includes the reshuffling of key roles within the company and the appointment of new strategic leaders to oversee critical departments. Former COO Law Tien Soon will now serve as the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), responsible for managing product innovations and technical pre-sales operations. Micol Chan, previously the Project Director, is now the Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the company's project management, quality assurance, and customer support. Additionally, Dr Ian Tan has joined Innov8tif as the new Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI), while Tang Kin Chuen will take on the role of Director of Technology, managing the company's mobile and web development teams. These changes are designed to boost the company's operational efficiency and customer-centricity as it seeks sustainable growth in the digital identity verification market.

In order to reflect its shift towards a new stage of growth, we have unveiled a strategic organisational reform program, referred to as Innov8tif 2.0. As part of this initiative, the company is reassigning critical roles within the organization while also appointing new strategic leaders to its leadership team.

  • Law Tien Soon, co-founder and former Chief Operating Officer (COO), is repositioned as the company’s new Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), overseeing the company’s product innovations and technical pre-sales departments.
  • Micol Chan, former Project Director, is promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer, who will supervise the company’s project management, quality assurance and customer support verticals.
  • Dr Ian Tan will join Innov8tif as the new Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where he is tasked with raising the stability, quality and performance standards of both the company’s products and product development operations.
  • Tang Kin Chuen is joining Innov8tif as the Director of Technology, overseeing the company’s mobile and web development teams. 

Backgrounds of new appointments


At present, Dr Ian Tan serves as the Associate Head for the School for Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. He was formerly the senior lecturer of Monash University Malaysia and Multimedia University Malaysia, whilst also serving on the Advisory Board of Teradata University Network. Beyond his academic background, Tan has held several leadership positions in several private and public companies, bringing along a wealth of diverse technical and business experience.

Tang Kin Chuen was formerly a solutions architect at Experian Decision Analytics prior to founding his own full stack enterprise software development company. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Computing from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. With over 20 years of experience under his belt in enterprise software engineering, Tang carries the expertise and thought leadership needed to accelerate Innov8tif’s growth in the ASEAN region.


Prior to founding Innov8tif, Law Tien Soon was the co-founder of Joget Inc – a global, open source workflow software company originated in Silicon Valley. He is part of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) Talent Expert Network since May 2020, whilst also serving as a subject expert in Industry Skills Framework (IndSF) held by Human Resource Development Corporation Malaysia (HRDF). Law is also a member of the Technology Expert Committee within the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC). 


Micol Chan has worn multiple hats throughout her career development, practicing close to 8 years in software engineering before diving into solutions design and technical division management within a public listed company. Chan has committed to a wide range of turnkey software projects as the project manager, working closely with several government agencies and multinational corporations. She joined Innov8tif as the Project Director in 2017 and has provided immense value through her management expertise with the company’s key accounts. 

What does this mean for Innov8tif 2.0?

Innov8tif Solutions is looking towards expanding its regional presence within ASEAN whilst also cementing its role as the world leader in the ID Assurance space. Hence, the reorganisation efforts aim to fulfil several key purposes:

  • Sustainability and preparation for growth

The Innov8tif 2.0 plan warrants the establishment of new departments, product verticals, and regional offices. The newly established organisational structure helps remove the limits that may impede the company’s growth potential by allowing greater scalability and flexibility in terms of company operations.

  • Strengthened work culture

After bracing the pandemic for over two years, Innov8tif is well positioned to handle existing challenges such as remote working and serving clientele virtually. By onboarding new key members with a depth in academic and corporate experience, the company is able to implement much efficient work structures and operations, reducing friction and increasing work fulfilment and satisfaction. This not only allows the company to just survive in the “new normal”, but to further succeed and thrive in it.

  • Process optimisation

The rapid growth of the company also saw a slew of expanding project scopes, requirements, and capabilities. By restructuring several key departments, the respective teams are able to specialise in core areas and fulfil the clients’ new and ever evolving needs. The technological, regulatory and fraud landscape is in a constant state of flux, and having these optimisations will help the team tackle these new challenges efficiently and with agility. 

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