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The Edge Markets: MCO sees higher e-KYC adoption

Fortunately for telcos who already had the electronic know-your-customer (e-KYC) channel in place, they were able to serve the market digitally. Innov8tif Solutions Sdn Bhd chief operating officer tells Enterprise that among the five telco brands they provide e-KYC for, he witnessed an average of 279% growth in monthly prepaid SIM card activation from the e-KYC channel, in April (when compared to SIM card activation pre-MCO in February).

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5 Things You Should Know About Biometric Technology

Biometric security through technology is a great and innovative idea that’s impacting many of our security systems and safety measures, especially now that social distancing and the new norm are all very real concepts in our lives. Here are a few things you should know about biometric tech that could come in handy if you intend to use it in your business or implement it in any shape or form.

CSR - Sumbangan Kasih Subang

CSR: Giving Back to Our Local Community

When it comes to giving back to the community, any action, big or small can make a real difference. We want to do our part to give back to our local communities by contributing through Sumbangan Kasih program, a program under MPSJ that focuses on the needs of B40 in Subang Jaya. A total of 200 families each received a food and grocery voucher sponsored by Innov8tif.

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Looking to Implement A Digital Transition Strategy for Your Business? Here are 5 Tips!

If your company has no strategy in this arena, expect to lose out to more competent rivals. Adopting digital transformation strategy doesn’t have to be rocket science. Here are several tips to help you and your team get started.

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4 Digital Trends that are Propagating Contactless Behaviour for The Low-Touch Economy

The COVID-19 lockdown around the world is causing major economic impacts. These changes have been clear in the world’s digital behaviors too, as one of the key benefits that we have in the modern world is the internet and increased connectivity, which has set a few digital trends that are propagating contactless behavior for the low-touch economy.

Innov8tif customer success story - KeTSA

Customer Success Story: Innov8tif Helps to Drive Digital Transformation in Public Sector

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Malaysia (formerly known as Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources) embraces low-code agile development with the aim to rapidly digitalize ministry-wide operations.


Benefits of Automated Workflow for Your Business

From reducing turnaround time to unearthing hidden values, digitalisation helps companies to achieve better bottom-line through various opportunities for optimisation. This is especially true, given this challenging year that we are going through amid economic uncertainties and movement restrictions. In this article, we discuss in greater details, what are the five benefits promised to be delivered by workflow automation, and how it is achieved.

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5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you might know someone who’s fallen victim to it. Even Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, was not exempted from such a risk, with hackers using a SIM-swap technique to infiltrate his phone. Cybercriminals have targeted personal bank accounts, as well as company databases. It’s time that you try and stop yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. Here are a few simple steps you can take in order to stay protected.

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7 Digital Transformation Trends that could Catch Fire in 2020

In an increasingly technology-driven world, digital transformation is likely to become even more commonplace. Repetitive terms like edge computing, cloud, augmented reality and IoT are probably here to stay, but these developments could merge with even more prominent aspects of the business landscape. The modernization of legacy systems and even more digitization across the board appear set to take centre stage this year. We discussed a few digital transformation trends that could take off substantially in 2020.

Innov8tif Inks MoU with Securemetric

Innov8tif Inks MoU with Securemetric for Cross-technology Innovation

Innov8tif Solutions Sdn Bhd (“Innov8tif”) has entered a strategic partnership with Securemetric Berhad (“Securemetric”) to integrate Innov8tif’s EMAS eKYC and workflow solution with Securemetric’s Centagate Cloud and Signing Cloud. At the same time, Innov8tif will enable the support of strong authentication through Securemetric’s Centagate Cloud for their application access control and offer it as an optional feature to their customers.

Innov8tif @ APICTA 2019 Awards

Innov8tif’s EMAS eKYC Wins APICTA Awards at International Stage

EMAS eKYC is honored to receive Merit for B2B Fintech category at the 19th Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) that was held at Diamond Palace in Ha Long. There was a total of three prestigious awards given to B2B finance and accounting solutions providers.


Using Deep Learning Technology to Prevent Deepfake in eKYC

Deepfake is a rising threat, particularly for its effectiveness in impersonation. By combining and superimposing existing images and videos onto source images or videos using a machine learning technique known as generative adversarial network, it is feasible to create a good quality animated face which can satisfy liveness test checked through facial landmark movement (e.g. eye blink, mouth movement, head yaw/pitch), and impersonate as another facial identity. How do you prevent such threat in e-KYC process?