On the 14th October 2021 the International Trade Council announced the winners of the 2021 Go Global Awards. Originally launched in 1989, The International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards celebrate organizations that drive the global economy through their innovations, technologies, and strategies.

The 2021 Go Global Awards received a total of 6416 entries, coming from organizations in 178 countries. 

Unlike the past, when we made an announcement for emerging as the winner of awards, the competitive nomination seen at this year’s Go Global Awards is accompanied by winners more qualified than Innov8tif to win the top spot of respective categories. Although not making the final spot, we are pleased to receive an honorable mention from the judging panel – as a Top Placer for Artificial Intelligence in the 2021 Go Global Awards.

We are committed to continuously deliver innovations to tackle real-world business challenges using AI while displaying leadership and resiliency in our go-global mission.

Congratulations to Luminance from UK, Diveplane from USA and AI Superior from Germany for winning the top spots in the Artificial Intelligence category of 2021 Go Global Awards.