ID Capture from Mobile Platform

OkayID enables ID capture of various identity documents (ID) in your app, to easily support customer or user onboarding from mobile platform.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scan

In layman description, OCR enables your app to support capturing of identity document (ID) details by scanning them from a smartphone camera. We support OCR for IDs of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, as well as most passports worldwide.

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ePassport NFC Scan

Using Android devices that supports NFC feature, OkayID can retrieve passport bearer’s details from the hidden chip embedded into an ePassport, without needing any additional device.

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Chip Reader

In some countries, national ID is embedded with smartcard (also known as chip). One of such examples is the Malaysia’s MyKad. Innov8tif supports mobile MyKad reading on Android.

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Online ID Database Validation

In use cases where cross validation of ID details is required, Innov8tif partners with credit bureau to search if the pair of ID number and full name provided matches any datasource.

Malaysian’s ID Verification Through Personalized Challenge Questions

To make sure that a ID belongs to the claimed bearer, we can also formulate challenge questions which are personalized to the ID bearer’s knowledge. These challenge questions can then be posted by your app to the ID presenter, to increase the confidence level that your business is dealing with the verified ID bearer.