In “document not present” environment, digital images of ID card submitted by your user or customer are commonly produced using smartphone cameras, home scanners, digital cameras or computer webcams.

OkayDoc is a server-side (installed and run in server) component, which helps your back-office operations to reduce ID examination work by automatically performing some tests on each submitted ID card image, to check against conformance with some document authenticity attributes. This strategy helps your back-office reviewers to spot and focus on borderline cases.

Malaysia's MyKad Document Authenticity Check

Innov8tif EMAS eKYC - OkayDoc MyKad Authentication

Microprint Checking

This patented OkayDoc algorithm looks for the presence of very high quality and high resolution fine prints and patterns that are found on the image of a genuine MyKad document. These microprints are very difficult to be reproduced from generally-available commercial printers.

Landmark Checking

There are several expected landmarks that can be spotted on the front and back page of a MyKad document. For example, a smartchip should be found only at a specific middle-left position on the front-page; similarly, the Malaysia’s flag, hibiscus, Petronas Twin Towers, MSC Malaysia logo and etc. For each expected landmark found by OkayDoc machine checking, a tick is given in the checklist.

Innov8tif EMAS eKYC - OkayDoc MyKad Authentication
Innov8tif EMAS eKYC - OkayDoc Document Authentication

Font Size Checking

OkayDoc compares the font extracted from a submitted MyKad document image to determine if it satisfies the expected font type and size.