Thanks to leapfrogging advancement in deep learning, the facial recognition API is quickly becoming mainstream. The vast availability of facial recognition API over cloud-based subscription, is making it almost utility-like now.

However, not all facial recognition APIs are born equal. Some may not be commercially available for on-premise deployment option when required, while some remain less commercially tested for varying skin tones, and most importantly – many commercially available options are not supported with highly secure liveness detection component.

OkayFace is applied to following use cases

Real-time Facial Sighting

Substitution to Password

Multi-factor Authentication

OkayFace is powered by facial verification algorithm that satisfies 0.000001 false match rate. This is further strengthen with liveness detection component that supports financial-grade anti-spoofing techniques.

Liveness detection is a process that should take place before facial recognition, in use cases that requires stringent verification of a person’s facial identity. It makes sure that the person (user/customer) you are interacting with, remotely over an app, is indeed a live person and not a photo or recorded screenplay. It prevents spoofing attacks.

The combination of two liveness detection techniques offered are:

  • Face flashing test, by projecting random colors and analyzing the reflected light to determine if the reflection comes from face skin, or another light emitting device.
  • Live movement check such as eye blink, head pitch, head yaw and mouth movement.

Key Advantages

  • Liveness detection supported to prevent spoofing attack
  • Available as cloud API or on-premise server
  • Proven implementation that involves hundreds of millions users
  • Support and technical expertise in Southeast Asian timezone
  • Readily integrated with ID capture technology to support facial ID verification with various identity documents, such as passport, Malaysia’s MyKad, Indonesia’s eKTP, Singapore’s NRIC, and more.

Facial verification technology tracks more than facial keypoints, with recorded accuracy of 99.50% or higher. 

Understand Spoofing Attacks in Facial ID Verification, and How Your Business can Prevent Them

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