Next-generation customer journeys through realization of digital customer onboarding

EMAS eKYC (electronic know-your-customer) is a product suite comprises various integrated components to help businesses in next-generation customer journeys through realization of digital ID verification. EMAS eKYC target sectors includes banking, financial / money services (e.g. mobile wallet, remittance, lending), and telecommunications, where customer identification forms a high priority function in customer sign-up process. This often also involves customer onboarding use case in “document not present” environments.

Innov8tif EMAS eKYC Components

eKYC Components for Southeast Asia


ID capture through the use of OCR (optical character recognition), smartcard reading and NFC for IDs of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, as well as worldwide passports.

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OkayLive & OkayFace

Real-time, automated and highly secure facial sighting supported by liveness detection technology and facial recognition API. Featuring anti-spoofing controls.

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AI (artificial intelligence)-assisted and automated server-side authentication of identity document (ID) images to check for visual compliance (landmark, layout, photocopy), detect security feature (hologram, microprint) and identify frauds/tampering.

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For prospects operating Money Services Business in Malaysia’s market, you can also contact us to find out how EMAS eKYC supports Bank Negara’s “Implementation Guidance on e-KYC by MSB Industry”.