Mobile Biometric Authentication

If we are to name one common sensor made available in practically every smartphone in the market today, it is undeniably – the camera.

Aside from the powerful picture-perfect phone camera advancement that helps us capture your picturesque moment and selfie, the smartphone camera is also becoming a better alternative to the fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication – powered by maturity in production-ready facial recognition technology.

Innov8tif implements facial recognition API and liveness detection technology for

Remote facial sighting in digital customer onboarding and eKYC

MFA (multi-factor authentication)

Substitution to OTP
(one-time password)

Integration with CCTV camera system for smart security

Facial recognition has been implemented in the Alipay app since year 2016 for ID verification and payment authorization. When a mobile payment service serving 450 million users year 2017 has successfully implemented facial recognition tech for financial services, it is a convincing case study.

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