In many consumer goods and services oriented industries, such as telecommunications and retail, sales organizations often consist of thousands of people across geographies. And where channel management is concerned, requirement to manage channel managers for scheduled visitations with channel partners and sales network is apparently common, but often filled with isolated unstructured and disjointed spreadsheet reports and visitation schedules.

Innov8tif implemented the digital sales channel management for a telecommunication company that manages 10,000 partners within its sales network. This digitization journey benefited them in the following areas:

The channel manager’s visitation schedule and reporting are electronically enabled for smart mobility,
Real-time sales performance reports are delivered to channel manager’s mobile devices to improve data visualization and sales target management, and
Expense claim is realized as a paperless process.

The digital journey doesn’t merely improve efficiency, but it changes the way your digital workforce today interacts with their day-to-day activities. It creates the ideal digital workforce not bounded by the conventional practices of fixed office locations.