Joget Workflow

Joget Workflow is a low-code workflow platform that makes it faster and easier to build enterprise applications and automate processes. Joget supports on-premise and cloud models.


  • Visual, drag-and-drop tools.
  • Accessible to non-coders.​
  • Just a web browser needed, anytime, anywhere.


  • Process driven apps, database centric apps, integration, you name it.
  • ​Build full-fledged enterprise apps.
  • Ready for the cloud and mobile.​​​


  • Commercial open source.
  • On-premise, private or public cloud.
  • Platform agnostic. Supports Linux & Windows and popular database servers.

Innov8tif and Joget Workflow

Innov8tif is an Accredited Partner of Joget Workflow with its strongest presence focused in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Innov8tif’s team has accumulated Joget Workflow implementation, consultancy and product support experience since 2009. Our Joget Workflow professional services are championed by the Joget Global Specialists team, led by a former co-founder of Joget Workflow.

Innov8tif’s clientele for Joget Workflow primarily comprises multinational companies, government related institutions and private universities.

Through process automation and digitization, Innov8tif helps businesses to realize paperless office, mobile approval workflow and direct ERP integration on Joget Workflow, to increase operational efficiency and reduce operational cost. At the same time, employee experience is improved.

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enterprise customers including Fortune 500 & government
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