Digital Transformation Enablers

Innov8tif helps organizations capitalize on the new business opportunities created by business process digitization, and combine with our innovative solutions to achieve next-generation customer journeys and operational efficiency. The next time you see someone doing a selfie pose, s/he is probably authorizing a payment or activating an account!

As digital becomes the way of life in industry after industry, companies are going to be required to reevaluate the core operations and adapt to an era of markets and workplace without borders. Very often we see people focusing on additional efficiency in digitization roadmap rather than unlocking new possibilities and opportunities. We’re believers that each business digitization project should focus on the speed-to-market, in view of today’s competitive digital challenger landscape. Innov8tif aims to provide its clients with the right tools to enable businesses to succeed by simplifying processes and improving business’ profitability.

Digital Process Automation

Some corporate leaders view digital process as paperless office. Some view it as multichannel electronic approval platform to promote operational efficiency. Others focus on seamless direct processing of connecting digital channels and devices with backend and core systems. We can help your organization to reduce frictions in processes, and connect the dots.

Digital Customer Onboarding (eKYC)

Successfully acquire a new customer through a fully-digital channel at the much lower acquisition cost and appeal to a new customer segment who are digitally-savvy without expansion in capital and operating expenditures associated to new-branch opening.

Mobile Biometric Authentication

Facial recognition has evolved into the capability to detect and analyze more than hundred points from a face, and even differentiate between an actual live face from a screenplay. Facial recognition tech has been successfully implemented in automated facial sighting, multi-factor authentication and smart security.

Companies We Helped Transform

Using Digital Transformation Products

Innov8tion begins from walking the talk. Innov8tif’s internal processes – from the point of employee onboarding with electronic ID verification and asset assignment record, to daily requests and approvals, project lifecycle management, sales and invoice tracking, facial recognition office entrance and more, are all paperless-ly and digitally enabled. Your business’ digital transformation needs drive our vision, and our vision drives our constant innov8tion.

EMAS Enterprise Mobility

An integrated mobile platform that helps businesses to convert customer intents into sales.

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Product suite comprises various integrated components to help businesses in next-generation customer journeys through realization of digital customer onboarding.

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Joget Workflow

Low-code workflow platform that makes it faster and easier to build enterprise applications and automate processes.

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