Your Fast Local ID Verification for Myanmar

EMAS eKYC is an integrated digital ID verification technology that streamlines e-KYC customer onboarding journey for your digital customer touch points. We are here to help you mitigate identity forgery risks by securely validating customer’s identity document and facial biometrics.

Millions of ID verification checks completed

Implemented for banking, financial services & insurance industries

In less than 1 minute

EMAS eKYC AI is an AI-powered ID verification technology for real-time digital customer onboarding and fraud management.

How It Works

Documents That We Verify

Myanmar Driving License

Worldwide Passports

Automated Identity Document

Authentication and Verification

Visual Compliance
  • Photocopy detection
  • Landmark detection
  • Screen detection
  • Blurriness detection
Content Tampering Detection
  • Font size check
  • Photo substitution detection
  • Holographic photo comparison
  • Document number format validation
  • Security code/ check-digit validation
  • Data consistency validation
Security Feature Detection
  • Microprint detection
  • Hologram detection
  • Optical variable ink (OVI) detection
Identity Proofing
  • Evidence of real-world existence through automated online database check

*Feature set of applicable document authentication technique differs by document type and country. Please contact us to obtain specification sheet.

“EMAS eKYC is your fast local ID Verification. Suitable for any business across Myanmar”

With Next Generation Solutions and Flexible Integrations

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Contactless Biometrics

Connectivity to Existing Digital Customer Onboarding Solution

Simple integration into any app, any platform (web, mobile, desktop)

Tried and tested in multiple industries, from BFSI to telecommunication, digital signing, PropTech

Countering deepfake to prevent identity theft

Securely and Safely Deploy Your eKYC

Join other digital banking, financial / money services (e.g. mobile wallet, remittance, lending), investment products, insurance and telecommunications providers today.

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