Secure Customer Portal

Secure portal platform to share information and interact with your valued customers.


The portal is HTTPS ready, and our implementation is tested by independent penetration test. First-time account activation process, configurable password strength requirement and user access settings enable the flexibility of ensuring application user security. Single-sign-on with other application is supported through cryptographic processes.


The marketplace module allows customer community to interact with each other as well as appointed merchants and partners for online buy-sell purposes moderated by the enterprise. Social media integration and private messaging between buyer/seller enhance the fulfilment process in addition to payment gateway integration.


This module allows the setup of multiple moderated forums for interaction within the customer community. Social media sharing is supported, and profanity filter is enabled by default to prevent inappropriate words from displaying in the forums.


The event module enables enterprises to manage and promote its events and happenings to the customer community. Support for ticketing and event merchandise sales, plus integration to social media, Google Maps and YouTube further enriches the functionality of this module.


Articles module enables enterprise users to manage information on the portal with ease. Through rich text editor and support for images, content can be easily managed by the users.


Enterprise will be able to manage ads/banners to be shown across the portal with ease by setting up banner zones. Each banner zone can also be configured to support ads targeting, by specific portal module or even customer's interests.

Activity Audit Logs and Reports

Out-of-the-box reports on just about everything in the portal modules to help your business monitors portal community activities, and make the best decision based on metrics. Activity logs are also captured for audit and compliance needs.

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