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Read Your Prospective Customer’s Photo ID in Just a Few Seconds

EMAS™ supports various methods of photo ID reading and verification. The Mobile ID Reader and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) approach is used to help enterprises minimize and prevent identity fraud – which otherwise would be a costly damage to any business operations.

Mobile ID reading methods supports:

  • Smartcard ID reader
  • Biometrics verification, i.e. thumbprint or facial recognition
  • OCR of photo ID, such as national ID, passport, and driver’s license
Malaysian MyKad

Malaysian MyKad

Supports Mobile MyKad Reader, thumbprint/facial verification, and OCR (front side)

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Singapore IC

Singapore’s Identity Card (IC)

Supports OCR (front side), barcode scanning and facial verification

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UK driver's license

United Kingdom’s Driving License

Supports OCR (front side) and facial verification

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Passport (MRZ)

Supports OCR of Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) and facial verification

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