Automate, monitor, and measure your customer engagement campaigns.

Campaignity is designed for enterprises to broadcast marketing messages to targeted customer segments from your hundreds of thousands customer records, automate the call-to-action process, and measure the effectiveness through metrics presented on Web dashboard.


Rule-Based Customer Segmentation

When a marketing message is received by un-targeted audience, it’s a spam, and unlikely to be appreciated. Campaignity allows you to send the right message to the right people, using segmentation, by demographics, customer attributes, or transaction/spending behaviors.

Communication Channel Plugins

Your company may already have a (or even a few) SMTP server and SMS gateway to broadcast marketing messages. Campaignity doesn't replace any of these, but complements your present infrastructure to enable better customer engagement campaigns.

Integration to these communication channels are developed as plugins to promote platform flexibility. What about mobile push notifications?

Contact Policy

Your customers will love your brand for respecting his/her preference on receiving marketing messages. Some wouldn't like to be bombarded during weekends, some prefer to be reached via email, while some would get irritated for getting marketing messages from a brand more than twice in a week.

Automate Call-to-Action Processes

CMO and his/her marketing team always have the latest ideas to run just-in-time or seasonal campaigns. But don’t you ever wished if you can do more than broadcasting email/SMS messages, to also quickly build the call-to-action processes in a matter of days and not weeks?

Campaignity integrates with workflow software, such as Joget Workflow, to automate your customer engagement processes – product subscription, customer rewards, upselling, aftersales support, profile update, and you-name-it.

Measure Your Campaigns

Campaignity tracks and measures message delivery status, and presents them on Web dashboard. Every time you send a campaign we provide a beautiful set of real-time reports allowing you to see who opened it, and much more.

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