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Innov8tif Integrates with World’s Best Facial Recognition API to Provide Biometrics Photo ID Verification on Mobile Platform without Hardware Dependency

FaceID from Megvii Technology Inc. is the world’s best commercially available facial ID recognition technology designed to meet stringent security requirements in facial ID verification. Innov8tif is an authorised partner of Megvii in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.), Australia and New Zealand. FaceID is backed by Megvii’s world renowned Face++ for facial comparison API, coupled with liveness detection client SDK to counter spoofing attacks, and enhanced with deep learning technology to isolate complex spoofing techniques.

By coupling EMAS™ ID with facial recognition, Innov8tif enables businesses with mobile technology to read or scan a national ID (e.g. Malaysian MyKad, Singapore IC), passport or driver’s license, and at the same time verify the ID bearer’s identity through real-time facial verification. The live face (liveness) detection SDK supports iOS and Android, and it’s providing an additional layer of security assurance by guarding against masquerade, such as spoofing with mask, screenplay and computer-generated photo.

In comparison to other facial recognition API available in commercial market, liveness detection SDK is provided as a standard package in FaceID API. As a developer, you do not have to worry about the complex algorithms that go into live face detection and spoof-prevention. The researchers behind FaceID got this complexity addressed for your business.

Bank, Financial Company, Mobile Wallet, P2P Lender

Virtual Teller Machine (VTM), remote customer self-service, self-service customer on-boarding through mobile app, app login.

Security, Border Control, Armed Forces

Self-service airport immigration border control, criminal detection.

Transportation or Ride Sharing Company

Self-service driver registration and ID verification through mobile app.

Telecommunication Company

Remote customer self-service, self-service customer sign-up through mobile app, app login.

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