Innov8tif enables banks, financial services/fintech companies and telcos with remote, secure and real-time know-your-customer process.

EMAS eKYC offers ID scanning and facial recognition into mobile platform (available as SDK) that enables instant and blazing fast customer ID capture and facial sighting automation. These advanced components are backed by AI deep learning technology to support sophisticated digital transformation needs while optimising customer journey, and without the expense of any new physical branch!

The ID capture (powered by OCR – optical character recognition) module readily supports Malaysia’s (MyKad, iKad), Singapore’s (NRIC) and Indonesia’s (eKTP) ID for iOS and Android. With this module already implemented to most major telcos in Malaysia responsible for 25million prepaid card registrations in Q1-2017, we believe that we are offering the best mobile OCR technology for ID card scanning in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

ID card capture, coupled with facial recognition API, enables your business to confidently assure that you are dealing with the same person shown on ID photo. The live face (liveness) detection component provides an additional layer of security assurance by guarding against masquerade, such as spoofing with mask, screenplay and computer-generated photo.

In comparison to other facial recognition API available in commercial market, liveness detection SDK is provided as a standard package in our product offering. As a developer, you do not have to worry about the complex algorithms that go into live face detection and spoof-prevention.

Further more, the ID capture SDK works fully offline without server-side processing, and the facial recognition server is available in on-premise as an option (aside from cloud) to comply with even the most stringent privacy and data residency regulations.

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