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Improve maintainability of your workflow-driven application systems.

The biggest challenge with the implementation of workflow-driven application, is not the development, but maintenance.

Workflow or BPM implementation in real life business scenarios is never a simple project to be executed. Many thought-processes have to be gone through in the design and development phases, in order to ensure that the end-result — the workflow application system, is designed for post-deployment maintenance.

Joget - Workflow Designer

Joget Workflow is a award-winning commercial open-source enterprise workflow platform that enables software developers to develop and deploy workflow-driven application systems, for your distinctive business processes, in a much shorter timeline.

Joget Workflow Partner in Asia Pacific

Joget Workflow Exclusive Partner

Innov8tif is an Exclusive Partner (Distributor) of Joget Workflow in Malaysia and we are authorized to resell Joget Enterprise licenses & support services as well as to provide Joget implementation, training & consulting services. Innov8tif team is also the Accredited Implementation Partner with capacity to deliver Joget development and implementation services in Asia Pacific – including but not limited to Australia (by Innov8tif Solutions Pty Ltd), New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East and the rest of ASEAN countries.

The founders of Innov8tif are previously the founding team members of Joget. Through our years of technical familiarity and experience with Joget platform, Innov8tif doesn’t just develop and implement workflow, but adhering to Joget best practices to promote long-term maintainability.

Beyond BPM, Innov8tif’s differentiating competency lies on our capability to integrate workflow with enterprise mobility technologies.

Signing Up as Joget Implementation Partner or Reseller

As an Exclusive Partner, Innov8tif is also authorised to sign-up Accredited Partners and resellers. If your company is interested to enroll into the partnership programme, please feel free to contact us.

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